About this Site

Site Details and Background

CashMoneyUploads.com is an innovative file upload service able to accommodate images, Macromedia Flash movies, audio, and video files, with no upfront fees to pay, and no hidden hassles.

CashMoneyUploads.com seeks to revolutionize the world of internet file hosting through an innovative revenue-sharing model. We offer a portion of our profit to our visitors, which in addition with our useful file upload functions, makes CashMoneyUploads.com the best file upload service available on the internet.

CashMoneyUploads.com is maintained by a veteran team of webmasters and systems administrators with years of Internet management experience. Our team has worked to build an innovative and useful service, which maintains a high level of up time and general availability.

CashMoneyUploads.com is powered by a highly reliable network of dedicated servers. Unlike many other file upload services, who operate from shared hosting, we maintain and offer a higher level of up time than other similar services. At present, we have 320 megabits (40 Megabytes/second) of burst able capacity, which is enough to keep your file downloads fast even under heavy traffic. All of our dedicated servers reside in world class data centers under tight security. CashMoneyUploads.com is a reliable file upload service that will be available when you need it to be.