Eliminate Your Information from Whitepages


How To Eliminate Your Information from PeekYou Search

Measure: Here’s where it gets inconvenient. You require a contact number so as to be in a position to determine. I used Google Voice, I use if I really don’t want to hand in my phone number. It’s possible to install a Google Voice phone number here in a couple of minutes.

The screen where you input your number

Measure: WhitePages will reveal to you this poorly-formatted page having a 4-digit code and call you.

Hey WhitePages employees, in the event that you should be reading this — listed here is the best way to centre something in CSS — or at least give it several pixels of margin so people may browse it. ?

Step 7: Should you have Google Voice available in another tab, then you should get a ringing on your browser and you’re able to answer it. And presto — you’ve chosen out.


How to Remove Your Info from BeenVerified Hunt

Update: From the few days since the time that I published this article, BeenVerified may have changed their process again. They may now ask you to provide them with some additional personally identifiable information to be able to Opt-Out.

Step 1: Locate yourself in their search engine optimization.

Step 2: Assess your email to your confirmation email and follow instructions.

Dishonorable Mentions — Websites Which Are Particularly Evil in Just How They String You Together

PeopleSmart Opt-out is not”easy”
But I had no method of knowing this at the time once I had been trying to opt out of PeopleSmart. I have left the subsequent section to reveal what me and thousands of other people encountered when I trying to opt-out of PeopleSmart.


There is a data broker called PeopleSmart. Here Is What it states concerning picking out within their FAQ:


don’t really even offer you a link with their own”opt out instructions” As far as I can tell, this kind of page doesn’t even exist.

“Might it be possible to get rid of my name out of all of the public records?” I did not ask for this. I just wish to clear away my data in the website.

However, I have found plenty of articles indicating it was one point possible to select out. Now all those links redirect back to the exact same generic help page.

PrivateEye.com Has a Lot of Now-Broken Opt-Out Links
Up date October 21, 2020: PrivateEye.com appears to make utilize of the exact same database since PeopleFinders.com. Therefore, in case you followed my instructions previously to interrogate of PeopleFinders.com, you need to also be opted-out of all PrivateEye.com. I have left the subsequent section to explain to you what me and tens of thousands of other people struck when I attempting to segregate of PrivateEye.com.

I tried found a few old links to opt-out processes. It resembles every occasionally, private-eye moves their pick out process. If everyone will find their current one, message me Twitter and I’ll add it . Here are some of These now-defunct opt-out URLs:

I also switched off my ad blocker and assessed to see whether there was just some JavaScript error that was preventing the form from filing. It appears that Instant Checkmate immediately tries to capture almost any data on your browser’s Local Storage, Session Storage, and even sees when they will find any Facebook data your browser has.

Instant Check-mate. It could be Hard to come up with a more menacing title for a data broker.Keep Fighting the Good Fight

These sites are similar to kudzu. You have to continue to keep hacking at them together along with your electronic machete.

I will continue to keep this list updated.

I suggest that you bookmark this particular list and keep coming back to it from time to time to doublecheck and make certain that these data broker websites haven’t re-listed you. Or new websites have not drifted up to market your own data.

I also recommend you url for the list in the personal website if you can, and help spread the word.

If you discover any other info agent websites people can easily Opt Out of, please send a DM onto Twitter.

Stay safe out there.

— Quincy