Hall of Shame

People E-Mail me with the most idiotic blather ever.

Being the administrator of a huge website certainly has its advantages. CashMoneyUploads has been an interesting project to work with, a great gift to several online communities I participate in, and has provided me with a little bit of extra money. However, one of the biggest disadvantages has been dealing with the constant stream of stupidity that flows into the Webmaster’s inbox. I receive everything from flimsy legal threats, to retarded feature requests, to desperate and misdirected requests for content deletion. It is amazing how many retarded fools on the internet believe that I am either responsible for ALL of the uploaded content, or have some way to screen it all.

As you might have guessed, I will be posting the most retarded of all the feedback I receive here. There is no reason why we can’t all have a laugh at the expense of intellectually misguided individuals. Unfortunately, I only have mail from very recently, since I deleted a lot of the older mail as soon as it was received.

Many AOL users tend to be defensive of their choice of internet services. However, the following observation about the source of these E-Mails should remind you of the stupidity of the average AOL user.