Program FAQ

What is is a brand new file upload service able to accommodate images, blogs, audio, and video files, with no upfront fees to pay, and no hidden hassles. is revolutionizing the concept of premium upload service on the internet by offering you more options, with an easier to use interface.

How do I use

Our service is easy to use! From any page on the site, click the highly visible “upload now” and then register. Using the standard file open boxes on your computer, select your content and press “Upload.” Once the files have finished transferring to our servers, you will be presented with linking codes to access your images from a variety of sources including websites, forums, blogs, and auctions, as well as direct links to send to others.

Uploading files is quick even to new users of this site. For basic uploading  you don’t have to pay any fees. Even if you don’t want to take part in our paid-traffic program, you can still use a full-featured up-loader for free.

What is the payment program? will pay you for the traffic you bring to the images you upload. Participation in this program is completely optional, and in no way affects your ability to upload images. You will be paid a fixed amount per thousand views your uploaded files get. This rate may vary due to traffic prices on the internet as a whole, and will be kept current for profiles. Changes in traffic prices are not retroactive.

Since the internet is a high traffic arena, you might as well get paid for the files you upload. Traffic is a valuable resource – take advantage of our innovative program today.

What are the payment rates?

Payment rates per 1000 unique visitors fluctuate from day to day depending on market conditions and traffic quality. Current rates will not be available because they change.

How are payments sent?

We send payments via either Paypal or ePassporte. These are our only two electronic payment processors, and no plans exist to use any others in the future. In the near future, you will be given the option to receive your payments through the mail, although this service can only be offered to members living in the United States.

What if I have a question about the program, or a comment about the site?

Unlike many other fly-by-night file dumps, we are here to assist you with any problems regarding either our programs or our website. To receive help, or make a suggestion, please contact the webmaster through our easy to use feedback system.

This sounds like a scam. How can you afford to do this?

At first, to many people, our program does sound eccentric and illegitimate. The internet is full of scams, hoaxes, and unreasonably optimistic get-rich-quick schemes. What makes different than all of those shady programs is that it is not an unfunded promise. is based on a revenue-sharing model. Our sponsors pay us for our traffic, and in turn, we pass the majority of that income on to you.

This service can afford to be sustainable and honest because we keep a portion of that revenue to cover server bills and other administration-related costs. In this way, everybody down the line gets paid – from bandwidth provider, to webmaster, to user. Here is the way we see things – with all the other up-loaders on the internet, chances are not likely that you’ll use this one regularly if its just “another up-loader.” In that case, we would get little traffic and little revenue. By giving you a portion of our revenue that you generate, we get additional traffic, and you get paid for delivering traffic to us – this is a case where everybody wins.